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How old does the child have to be to sign up for program.?

We start classes at age 3

Hello. I was wondering if you provided adult classes? And if so how much would they be?

We do offer adult classes. Monday and Tuesday are Modern Jazz and Jazz Fusion. Fantastic classes that really get the heart pumping and make you feel great.

Adult classes follow the same monthly tuition as all other classes. 

Hi, Is the tuition per session? Or do it mean $95 a month for hiphop and ballet?

The tuition is set as a monthly tuition. So if you are taking 2 separate classes, your monthly tuition is $95. Our season runs from September to mid-June.

When does the first class start for creative dance ages 3-4 years? Also when the child is registered already, when is the first payment due for the month.

The first class for Creative Dance starts, Saturday, September 12th at 10am. We’ll see you then!

Hi Noel, I pre-registered Mahalia's at the recital then again with Stanley via phone at the studio. I want to change her classes (hip hop and mod/jazz) from Thursday and Saturday to Saturday 11am & 1pm. Thanks!

No problem. We will make those changes for you. Please see the administrator for an updated confirmation on your first day. Happy to serve you!

Hello Noel, I have a 3 1/2 yr old I am looking to get into a dance class. i was trying to see if you all have a trial class or a day and time for observation

Hi, first I would strongly recommend summer camp next year. It has always proven to increase the technique and give our students a leg – up (pardon the pun) on the next year’s classes.

You almost 4 year old can look at taking Creative Dance & Afro-Jazz. Classes begin Saturday,  September 12th,  so we will see you soon.

As of Competition would you all ever be willing to let us branch off and do different styles or categories such as Stand Battles as seen on the hit Lifetime T.V. Series Bring It?

We, as a studio, do not participate in competitions. The Marcellus Dance Company performance troupe is simply for the art expression and joy of performance.

We travel and experience the expertise of guest choreographers.