20 Years of Dance


Mr. Reynolds

Stanley Marcellus Reynolds has been a pillar in the dance community in our area for many decades. He has lent his expertise publicly through various private, public and charter schools as well as donating time to community and civic centers. He was also a professor of dance at the University of DC. His “lightening-bolt” personality is one that is never forgotten upon first meeting but it is his dedication to providing stellar dance education while proving his genuine care and concern for each and every student that precedes his reputation as a phenomenal, one-of-a-kind dance instructor. He is determined to promote a family environment with the Marcellus Dance Studio while meeting each student where they are and taking them to new heights in their dance training. 

He was trained at the Winston Salem School of the Arts and received his degree from the University of NC at Greensboro in dance and business. He began his dance career at the ripe age of 23. And although what may seem as a late start, Marcellus made up ground with a fast track in professional training and performing. During his performance years, he danced with numerous dance companies throughout the United States. 
Upon the inception of the Marcellus Dance Studio, he has been surrounded over the years with a staff of amazing dance instructors who continue to bring quality instruction to students from age 3 to adults.  His heart belongs to Modern Dance although he is classically trained in all formal genres. He is the lead choreographer of the MDS Company and sets the tone and pace for the Marcellus Dance Studio. Truly there is no one like him.